On this page you will find some “how-to” and “get-started” videos that will bring you up to speed with V-RayforC4D 3.4

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Enjoy and we look forward to seeing your fantastic work.

Installation V-RayforC4D 3.4

A beginner guide to V-RayforC4D

General Intro to the new V-RayforC4D 3.4

How to set up a scene for the God’s rays effect in V-RAYforC4D 3.4

Basic Material Setup in V-RayforC4D 3.4

Learn how to use the new UVW Manager in VRAYforC4D 3.4

Sun bloom and glare effect in V-RAYforC4D 3.4

Multiple dirt shader setup in VRAYforC4D

Use old VrayforC4d Scenes with Version 3.4

Learn how to use the new lens effects Bloom and Glare