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Below you find the links to "Key Update Request Form" (for new free V-Ray license keys in case of a C4D serial update), the 3.x V-RAY4C4D Manual, the user download area, and the user Support Forum.

IMPORTANT: please note users that use the V-Ray key system (USA, D, A, CH, & users who upgraded from 1.x) have NO DOWNLOAD HERE, they got all links via email links. Only users who have a V-Ray serial have and need a login here.

For users with V-Ray keys, please use the 1.9+3.401/3.600 key update button right below, it needs no login.

Click here for Key Update Request V-RAYforC4D 1.9 + 3.401/3.600

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VRAYforC4D Manual

Online manual

VRAYforC4D Manual

Key Update Form

Request a key update for new version of Cinema4D

Key Update Request Form

Support Forum

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Support Forum